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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snowman Craft

Snowman with a sequined hat.
I have to make a craft with my son's class tomorrow. There are 18 kids. He specifically requested a snowman made from styrofoam balls so I googled around and found some cute ideas (pinned here) and finally came up with this. I used a mini cupcake paper to glue to the bottom.  I realized that I should NOT have use red glitter glue to attach the hat because he looks like he's bleeding!  Tomorrow I'll use silver.   Trial and error . . .
Snowman with a pointy hat. Note to self:  don't use red glue.

Styrofoam balls and long craft sticks. Use round sticks not popsicle sticks.

Pom poms and sequins for the eyes, nose, buttons, and hat.  These are the small, short popsicle sticks to use for the arms.  Break one in half for 2 arms.

Precut hats - top hats and pointy hats
Precut scarves

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I've had this around for a long time.  Probably the best qoute(s) I've ever seen.   Thank you Coastal Nest!!

If you do nothing else, you must.....*Have a say * fight fair * you gotta believe * phone home * take a stand * shoot for the moon * do wheelies * live free or die * go where no one has gone before * vive la difference * keep a light on * there's no place like home * pursue happiness * pioneer * get smart * leave a key under the mat * have a dream * do it all for love * pull your weight * give back * root for the underdog * raise hope * jump at the chance * invite the neighbors over * belong to a nutty and extraordinary family * have vast pride * be thankful