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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Door Decor

I was out a  few weeks ago in funky Burns Court and saw the cutest shop-door decoration.  It was made from canvas cut into triangles and hung in an upside down pattern and embellished with feathers and glitter (love it!).  I came straight home and tried to figure out how to make my own.

I remembered I had a made a painted floorcloth a while ago and decided to use that since it would stand up to being outside.  As much as I wanted the glitter and feathers I don't think they would last long outside at my house.

I needed to make two door-hangers as I have double doors.  For each door hanger, I measured and cut 3 triangles from the floor canvas. I hot-glued two of them side by side to a piece of wood ( slat from a broken bi-fold closet door).  I glued the 3rd triangle in between them at the bottom.

   I added a starfish to the center top, and strung small plastic pearl strings to hang them.  I really wanted to use raffia to hang them and add as trim but I just didn't have any around the house.   I plan to add it later and do some more embellishing.  But for now it's a fun, beachy welcome to our house in sunny Florida.

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