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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fabric Shopping in Atlanta - oh how I miss it!

When I first moved to Sarasota from Atlanta I kept asking people where I could find upholstery and decorater fabric- you know, like where the decorators go?  I usually got a blank stare or "Jo-Ann's" as an answer.  While I'm not knocking Jo-Ann Fabrics . . . I was used to rows and rows of Mexican oilcloth, toile in every color and theme, fabric grouped by polka dots, plaids, paisley prints, outdoors, and on and on.  But the real drool factors were the entire rooms devoted to tassels, piping, pom-poms, and any other kind of trim imaginable.

I do love it here in beautiful Sarasota, but sometimes I really really miss having access to fabulous things.   I  so took for granted being able to browse and get inspired at Forsyth Fabrics or Lewis & Sheron.   Fabric so beautiful it could be framed!      sigh . . .

Forsyth Fabrics -Now this is a fabric store

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