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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tie-Dye Cheer Shirt

My 4 year old goes to Stage Door Preschool of the Arts in Sarasota, Florida.  It's an amazing preschool with 2 wonderful ladies that are the owners, directors, and teachers.   We decided to make a spirit shirt for her to wear to her cheerleading class at school.  I  also wanted her to be able to wear it to big brother's flag football games so she would feel more "included."   She picked out the ribbon for the sleeves and I tossed the shirt in the tie-dye wash with my son's sheets (see earlier post).  We ironed on some glittery pink letters and voila!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Headboard to Die For

I just happened across this site and what fantastic photos!  I gasped when I saw this headboard.  I  wonder how long it would take me (my Mom) to do this? Amazing.

Fabric Shopping in Atlanta - oh how I miss it!

When I first moved to Sarasota from Atlanta I kept asking people where I could find upholstery and decorater fabric- you know, like where the decorators go?  I usually got a blank stare or "Jo-Ann's" as an answer.  While I'm not knocking Jo-Ann Fabrics . . . I was used to rows and rows of Mexican oilcloth, toile in every color and theme, fabric grouped by polka dots, plaids, paisley prints, outdoors, and on and on.  But the real drool factors were the entire rooms devoted to tassels, piping, pom-poms, and any other kind of trim imaginable.

I do love it here in beautiful Sarasota, but sometimes I really really miss having access to fabulous things.   I  so took for granted being able to browse and get inspired at Forsyth Fabrics or Lewis & Sheron.   Fabric so beautiful it could be framed!      sigh . . .

Forsyth Fabrics -Now this is a fabric store

Kids Room

 We moved into our new house Labor Day weekend and I've been trying to get it together.  I've been working on the kids' rooms first so they can have somewhere to hang out while I work on everything else.  My son requested a "Space" room and tie-dye sheets.  Here's what I did so far


Space Mural

Tie-Dye Sheets

He also got a new dresser that was low enough for him to be able to see inside.  I just redid the drawer fronts.  He's a boy so it really helps to have everything identified.