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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I love Florida in the winter

Every year I can't wait until December and Jauary when the many fruit trees in my yard become full and heavy with fruit.  And it doesn't hurt that my kids love citrus fruit.   These are some of the trees in my yard - grapefruit, Valencia orange, and tangerine. 

We have the best time picking, eating, and juicing the fruit.   My husband, being from Istanbul, had grown up buying fresh squeezed juice from street vendors using a hand juicer.   So for Christmas one year I got him this.
This juicer has gotten a LOT of use.  I've taken it to many classrooms in the past few years and they all can't wait to get a turn at pushing down the handle and seeing the juice come out.   So much more gratifying than those electric things.  I'll be taking the juicer into my preschool classroom when we do our nutrition week so they can juice some oranges!

  One time we found an orange with a "smiley face" on it.   It was entertainment for days.

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