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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa

I've been dying to get to the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa.  I found out they have free admission on Tuesdays courtesy of Target.  The next free admission date is December 7 between 4 and 8 p.m.  I think we will make the trip this month  . . .check the link for all the details. 

Holiday Art

Last week I had another Art Camp focusing on Holiday Art. The kids decorated their bags to carry home their artwork and made collage wreaths and snowflake paintings. There was also lots of coloring, playing and snacking as well.  To see all the photos from Art Camp go to my flickr page.

Doily Stencil Snowflakes

Collage Wreath

Chalk Masterpiece

Painted Take-Home Bags

Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Great Place for the Family -Ritz Carlton on Lido Key

 Another fantastic place for the whole family in Sarasota, Florida.  The Tiki Hut in front of the Ritz Carlton Beach Club on Lido Key.  We went on Thanksgiving day and it was beautiful.  Sitting at tables in the sand, in front of a huge fire pit, watching the sunset and having food and drinks served to us while the kids played on the beach!  This is why we live here!
Walkway to Tiki  Hut
Sunset on Lido Key

Monday, November 22, 2010

O'Leary's Tiki Bar & Grill in Sarasota . . .Love Where I Live

Just had to post this picture I took of the view from O'Leary's Tiki Bar & Grill in Sarasota.  We come here often.  It's a great place for the kids to play by the water and the grown ups can relax and have something to eat. There's usually live music as well.  Very festive.  It's a little vacation right down the street!

View from my table . . . who wouldn't come here?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painted Flower Pots

At one of my Art Camps we painted flower pots and they turned out beautiful.  I primed the terra cotta pots with white paint so the colors would be bright.  The girls used acrylic craft paint, glitter glue, and sparkly confetti to decorate them.  I sealed them with clear polyurethane.  So cute!

Getting started.  Notice a theme with the color they all chose . . .

Hard at work

Finished pots ready to take home!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Reading Day at The Children's Garden in Sarasota

Saturday, November 20th, we'll be going to Reading Day at The Children's Garden in Sarasota.  This is a great event and a chance to visit the gardens for free.  I was recently at a Birthday Party there and was reminded of  how fantastic it is!  Check it out at:

Dancing on the Stage

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We went to the Pumpkin Patch at Fruitville Groves in Sarasota, Florida with my daughter's preschool.  They have fresh local produce, a hayride, peacocks walking around, and goats the kids could feed.   Each child took home a mini pumkin. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Color Mixing "Butterflies"

Here's a simple project with big results to teach colors.   Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half.  On each side put a different color of paint.  Be sure to put the paint on thickly in "blobs" rather than painting it thinly all over.  Fold the paper and press down firmly and rub all over.  When the paper is opened there will be beautiful "butterflies" of a third color.  I drew antennae on the butterflies and wrote the "new" color name at the bottom.   I've done this with a range of ages and it's always a big hit.  Kids will make these over and over.  They can't wait to open the paper and see what their butterflies look like!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun Hair for Halloween!

Here's an idea I had to dress up the girls' hair at my Girly Art Camp.  They loved it!  I gathered items I wanted to use on a tray -pipe cleaners, curly ribbon bows, and plastic flowers.   I twisted the pipe cleaners into corkscrews with a pencil and cut the flower stems to about 3 or 4 inches. 

Put hair up in pony tails.  Add the ribbons, twist in the pipe cleaners, and stick in the flowers.  Fancy Hair!

This would be great for a princess costume using shiny pink and gold ribbons and pipe cleaners.   For an alien use all silver and lime green colors and hot glue large google eyes to the ends of the pipe cleaners.  For fairy hair add small butterfly wings and tie in strips of shiny tulle. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monoprints Kids' Art

I hosted several Kids' Art Camps this summer and compiled a bunch of photos!  We made some great art!  The monoprints below were so simple to make and came out beautiful.  I still have some hanging in my house.  The kids loved making these.  Instant gratification!  I posted the instructions below.

Paint your image very thickly on a cookie sheet. 
Then mark lines through it using the end of the paintbrush -see the lines in the tree trunk?

Press paper on the baking sheet, rub firmly and peel off.  Voila!

Flower Monoprint

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tie-Dye Cheer Shirt

My 4 year old goes to Stage Door Preschool of the Arts in Sarasota, Florida.  It's an amazing preschool with 2 wonderful ladies that are the owners, directors, and teachers.   We decided to make a spirit shirt for her to wear to her cheerleading class at school.  I  also wanted her to be able to wear it to big brother's flag football games so she would feel more "included."   She picked out the ribbon for the sleeves and I tossed the shirt in the tie-dye wash with my son's sheets (see earlier post).  We ironed on some glittery pink letters and voila!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Headboard to Die For

I just happened across this site and what fantastic photos!  I gasped when I saw this headboard.  I  wonder how long it would take me (my Mom) to do this? Amazing.

Fabric Shopping in Atlanta - oh how I miss it!

When I first moved to Sarasota from Atlanta I kept asking people where I could find upholstery and decorater fabric- you know, like where the decorators go?  I usually got a blank stare or "Jo-Ann's" as an answer.  While I'm not knocking Jo-Ann Fabrics . . . I was used to rows and rows of Mexican oilcloth, toile in every color and theme, fabric grouped by polka dots, plaids, paisley prints, outdoors, and on and on.  But the real drool factors were the entire rooms devoted to tassels, piping, pom-poms, and any other kind of trim imaginable.

I do love it here in beautiful Sarasota, but sometimes I really really miss having access to fabulous things.   I  so took for granted being able to browse and get inspired at Forsyth Fabrics or Lewis & Sheron.   Fabric so beautiful it could be framed!      sigh . . .

Forsyth Fabrics -Now this is a fabric store

Kids Room

 We moved into our new house Labor Day weekend and I've been trying to get it together.  I've been working on the kids' rooms first so they can have somewhere to hang out while I work on everything else.  My son requested a "Space" room and tie-dye sheets.  Here's what I did so far


Space Mural

Tie-Dye Sheets

He also got a new dresser that was low enough for him to be able to see inside.  I just redid the drawer fronts.  He's a boy so it really helps to have everything identified.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cute stuff for School

I have been super pumped about getting my kids organized for school.  Probably because it secretly forces me to get organized as well.  My 7 year old started a new school this week and my youngest started Pre-K.  I was up till 1:00 a.m. the night before the first day putting together all the supplies, bookbags, lunch boxes and labeling, labeling, labeling.  I wore out a Sharpie which is not easy. 
When I found out that my son had to have every school supply, including 2 boxes of pencils, individually labeled I decided to go all out and make Cathe Holden's pencil labels.  I used some phrases from her and some of my own. 
I also made new labels for my little one to identify her bookbag and lunch box.  I downloaded these from Living Locurto.  I had already made her some ID tags so I plan to use these when the old ones get torn apart (by the looks of them after one week that won't be long.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Week of School and all that stuff

School has started and my taxi service is up and running.   My daughter has to bring in a picture of herself doing something she "loves" and this is what we got.  When I asked her what she was going to do she stated "dress up."  But it looks more like she loves being Catwoman to me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beachy Afternoon

So I'm finally blogging again.  We've been in such transition since February - moving temporarily while waiting for our new house to close.  Now we're moving again to our new home in 2 weeks and I can't wait.  I finally feel some order in the chaos.   Meanwhile, school starts here tomorrow for my two little ones so it's time to get organized and start packing.
We went to the beach yesterday as sort of a "last time before school"  and had a picnic (fried chicken and fruit salad- yummy).  But seriously it's so hot here that we go to the beach almost year round.   The kids were wiped out and slept like rocks - which was the GOAL.  
Just what it says . . .

Digging for Shark Teeth at Venice Beach, Florida

I'm thinking of what to do to celebrate back to school . . . something special for when they get home that first day.  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Crafts and Goodies

I am completely exhausted from all the Valentine festivities this past week.   But it was so much fun!  Here's a few photos from my preschool class and from home.   Off to Circus Sarasota today!


My son's Valentine Mailbox

Chocolate lollipops to hand out to classmates

Valentine goodie bags for my preschool class

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Preschool Classroom

I just took a teaching job at my daughter's preschool.  I'm in charge of a classroom of 3 year-olds and I've been working non-stop on the classroom and activities to do with the kids.  I can't seem to ever finish as I'm constantly coming up with new ideas I want to implement.  I also haven't been able to blog as much and I'm missing it!
I've been in the class for 3 weeks so far.  My first week we learned about Dinosaurs and the kids made a dinosaur habitat with a volcano and dinosaurs made from shapes.  

Here's a few pics of my room (well so far anyway). I've got lots more to do!