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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas decorating . . . where do I begin!

Thanksgiving is over (whew) and as much as I look forward to it I'm always exhausted by the end of the weekend.  Could it possibly be that my 3 & 7 year-olds are home 24/7, inviting family over to watch 3 different football games, and my nephews' birthday celebration are all crammed in a 3 day period? 
Anyhoo . . .

I'm ready to get the Christmas decor out and start some crafting, cooking, painting, and panicking!   My head is swimming with "to do's" and "to make's."  Let's see.   This morning I decided I would make a Christmas door mat similar to this floorcloth I made a while ago.   I'm feeling really ambitious! 

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  1. We got the outdoor decorations up tonight. Bring on Christmas! Oh and we were in Clayton, GA. I love it there!


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