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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy Fights & Halloween Wreaths

So I've decided to start my first blog the day after Halloween. All day has been a constant argument with my 3 year-old, Ruby and my 7 year-old, Adam about eating candy. The HUGE grocery bag of Halloween loot was tossed onto the front porch this morning- next stop the outside garbage - unless breakfast was eaten. It was eventually brought back inside in order to dole out an after-lunch treat and now sits on the uppermost shelf in my studio/office. I could hear my children roaming through cabinets and closets looking for it while I dozed off this afternoon . . .

Tomorrow will be "de-decoration" day for all the Halloween stuff. Halloween is BIG deal at our house - it is my favorite holiday for decorating. This year I made an impromptu wreath with one I found thrown out in front of my neighbors' house (yes I admit it). It was covered in "autumn" cheesiness such as fake flowers & wired ribbons which I stripped off. It now looks like this . . . maybe not the greatest thing I've made but not bad for about 30 minutes of work!


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